NextGen WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts

NextGen WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts is a one-stop-solution to manage your stores “Pricing and Discounts”. With the help of our plugin you can manage your stores “Discounts & Pricing” dynamically with all the ease.
To get started you just need to design simple rules which describe your “Discounts and Pricing” and voila!!.
Our plugin is designed to organize your store’s discount and pricing with Ease & Elegance.


Product Pricing and Discounts

In Product Pricing and Discounts, you can adjust the discounts across all or the selected products in your store.
You can adjust the “Global Conditions”, to add the discounts to all products in your store irrespective of range. You can add conditions like, Discounts based on currency, Discounts based in % or Total discount limit. These comes in handy if you apply discounts to a wide range of products.
You can even self customize rules based on your business interests. With “Woo Discounts” you can customize your product to handle discounts like

  • ♦   Simple Adjustment
  • ♦   Bulk Pricing
  • ♦   Group Discounts
  • ♦   Buy and Get
  • ♦   Buy 1 Get 1:
  • ♦   Buy A and Get A:
  • ♦   Buy A and Get B:


Simple Adjustment

This scheme can be useful to create simple adjustments on your product purchases here you can adjust the Discount, Fee and Price. Hurry! Watch the demo

Bulk Pricing

You can provide similar discounts based on the quantity your customer wishes to buy.

for example: Customer A wishes to add 20 stocks of product P and Customer B wishes to add 100 stocks of product P would it be fare if both of them land on with a same discount? So, with “Woo Discounts” you can generate a different discount plan for both the customers.

With bulk pricing you can create rules to manage the discounts based on the quantity your customer is buying a product. So, you can define a discount of 5% for a product which is bought in between 0 – 20 stocks and a discount of 20% for a product which is bought in above 100 stocks and apply all the conditions from Simple adjustment for each unique range you selected.
 Hurry! Watch the demo.



Group of Products

If you see a trend where a customers buy a product as a group of specified quantities and you would like to use discounts to increase the sales of these products with “Woo Discounts” you can always define a rule to apply discounts to multiple products as a group.

 for example: You can add products as a group and apply discounts based on per item or the group whole as a  one. Product A as a Group here you can add a discount on 20% to the purchase of no.of A‘s.

Whatever may be the Statistics from your sales team you can always add these simple rules in order to apply the discounts to the group of products.
 Hurry! Watch the demo.

Buy and Get

Its not just the discount sales which are popular buy and get are also a popular sales trend.

With “Woo Discounts” you can define the rules where you can give your customer all the buy and get deals like.

    • ♦   Buy 1 Get 1: this is the most popular trend and “Woo Discounts” got it covered.
    • ♦   Buy A and Get A: here you can discount your customers to buy stocks of a product to get stocks of product A at a discounted price. In this you can also provide discounts based on Fixed and Percentage.
    • ♦   Buy A and Get B: here you can discount your customers to buy X Stocks of a product A to get Y stocks of product B at a discounted price and you can also provide discounts based on Fixed and Percentage.
    • “Buy and Get” covers all the possible scenarios one could ask for, Hurry! Watch the demo.
    • Not only these you can also Exclude your list of products from all the discounts.

Cart Discount

Very Similar to Pricing and Discounts, With Cart Discounts you can manage your discounts to your customer based on the Cart items which the  user shops.
You can apply the above conditions and your customer can earn his discounts with his purchase.
for example: Customer A shops for $25000 and Customer B shops for $2000 now you can manage the discounts defining the rules like for a purchase of above $20000 you can provide overall discount of 25% and for a purchase of $5000 and less you can provide a discount of 10%.
Do we have your attention? Hurry! Watch the demo


Checkout Fee


If you are providing services like gift packing or any additional customization’s to your products you can avail this feature to seamlessly integrate these extra costs to your total cart amount.
We have even provided different methods like Fee and Fee per Item with these you can manage the fee of all the cart items or you can add a cost for each item to be gift wrapped. And you can also add the conditions to enable different rules for different type of purchases.
With “Woo Discounts” you have the ease to manage the pricing and the discounts of your products based on the Product purchases and Discounts.
“Woo Discounts” fits in all of your business needs and requirements,Hurry! Watch the demo

NextGen – WooCommerce Pricing and Discounts

Conditions for Product Properties

Product Product taxnomies Product Property
Product Product_cat Product regular price
Product variation Product_tag Product is on sale
Product category Product_shipping_class Product stock quantity
Product attributes Product published time
Product tags

Special Features


Using discount slider Short Code you can display all discount rules which you have created on product rules. This short code can be added across the site pages.
Hurry! Watch the demo


Using discount Offer shortcode you can display discount offer which you have created on product rules.This shortcode can be pasted either in product page or product description page.Hurry! Watch the demo

More Than 16 Condition to Apply the Rules

Using this plugin have complete control over the different conditions (e.g. User profile, Date & time, product, Cart, Cart value, Shipping address and more) based on multiple parameters (e.g. equal, not equal, less than, greater than and more)

Schedule Fees for Particular Time Period

Using this plugin you can decide for which period you want to enable extra fees. You can also disable specific extra fees for specific period.

Set Discount on Specific Condition

Using this plugin you can give discount on specific condition like if customer purchase 20 qty and above of particular product then give $50 discount on the order.

Charge Fees by Fixed Amount OR Percentage

Using this plugin you can decide extra fees will charge as fixed amount($5) or percentage(%5). You can also switch condition as per your requirement for WooCommerce fees.

Set Multiple Conditions for Extra Fees

Using this plugin you can set multiple condition like if product purchase from USA and product quantity more than 5 then charge extra fees.

Charge Flexible Extra Fees

Using this plugin you can select one option to charge fixed amount as fee for certain percentage of the cart subtotal.

Version Compatibility

A plugin is fully compatible with WordPress 4.0.x and WooCommerce 3.0.x Version.

Conditions for Applying Discounts

User Profile Date & Time Cart Products in Cart Cart Item Quantity Purchase History Purchase Quantity History Purchased Value History Customer Value Shipping Address Payment Gateways Mega Rules
User ID Date Cart total weight Products in cart Cart product quantity Product purchased history Product quantity purchased Purchased product value Total spent Country Product rule
User role Time Cart total quantity Product Categories in cart Cart variation quantity Variation purchased history Variation quantity purchased Purchased variation value Order count State or Region All Payment Gateways Cart rule
Is logged in Date & time Cart item count Product Tags in cart Cart category quantity Category purchased history Category quantity purchased Purchased category value Last order Postal Code Checkout rule
New user Days of week Cart sub total Product Attributes in cart Cart tag quantity Tag purchased history Tag quantity purchased Purchased tag value
Product variations in cart Cart attribute quantity Attribute purchased history Attribute quantity purchased Purchased attribute value

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